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Up from the Bronx, NY some 80 years ago—now residing in North Hills, Los Angels suburb—sharing house and home and collaborative efforts with artist Norma Jean Squires.

Poetry—plus incidental unspectacular careers in journalism and motion picture industry sum up the years behind.

Poetry back story—I found initial encouragement as member of the Eventorium  Muse group 1960’s New York city. Samples of early work recorded on radio station WNYC—now can be found in UCLA archives

Withdrew from poetry scene realizing my craft and goals were and are way outside accepted norms.  Think of  a secular humanist mystic’s approach through science (especially cosmology) to the lifelong (and eternal) question of—what part am I of what I  see?—given endless space and star  dotted skies and our spinning orb locked in time-- for what?.

All my poems rest on that yet of course unanswered puzzle—shared by many physicists, cosmologists—whose names and thought—including of course Einstein—are cited in book Poem Into Life— a collaboration with artist wife Norma Jean Squires.

Having fled for the most part the ties of formal education and religion I rely solely on imagination and experience as guide and favor the idea that each poem no matter how complex must tell a story.  

There are 20 books of such “stories” in my collection—all linked under the theme of One Book.


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