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Book of Ages

sorrow tomorrow
laughter thereafter

who sings brings each
and nothing more
to teach




What can be said of   the last whisper in a forest once revered

or a shout that hails the toppling of statues

or a face explaining how variants and constants direct
 the banging together
of stars and atoms and merriment and kisses and farewells

or signals as if from remnants of dreams alerting for change but
defining neither time nor place nor color of events
   desperate    joyous

or sobbing and clutching what is treasured no more

or  laughter that sets a child apart              forever?




wash away the externals
prompt the inner seals to dance anew
keep what is centered to be readdressed
be certain when doubting
mark opposites for intent
restrict the pretty until its sources in beauty are traced
and made common
take  partake   intake  retake  take up     take down what
begs to be released and forgotten
speak as if a thundering from the heavens is born





imagine      thereupon       contend
scramble    thereupon       awaken
compare     thereupon       uphold
withdraw     thereupon      strengthen
surprise      thereupon      maintain
flee              thereupon       extend      collect     restore       announce





of sustenance         give those who are blind  to the needs of the many
                                  the smallest portion of the latter’s desires

of wisdom                borrow from the forlorn      
                                  steal from the lustful

of belief                    scour the inane until the tracks
                                  from whose proof it
                                  sprang are remodeled

of governance          when rules and law demand judgement
  let a pose of sly humor reflect a blending of
                                                         one’s own    and    accused

of ignomy
and deception          keep to the boundaries      affect from outside
                                   lest passion be swallowed by the evil condemned




astound the innocent

make the simple so real it can never be traded   
  for love or reward or stations of power

mark every passing     conserve or burn with equal regard

be aware of the beat of all living things in the play of hours 
    assume a role
but never to lead

power in the call
power in the hall
power in the fall
no mystery
at all

© Hopman
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