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Book of Great Hopes Assumed

Hence and whence and the widow’s pence
All gone
And soon enough us
Over the fence and onto the bus
All gone

Then bless the bringing of merry visions
Merry bold and mad?
Give over all your life’s decisions
And skip away ever glad



the children of true science


The children of true science will be continually adjusting the elements
of their personas to match the shuffling of cosmic intent

The variables of experience will provide their rituals of faith and the structure
                                           of their choices

By their intimacies they will reveal the quality of their perceptions

Although their certainties will be laced with humor they will be guided as one
until negatives compel and positives defer without exception

When they are led to grapple with the quick and the fearful they will heighten
their defenses by reversing perspective-- dancing into the strength of the danger--fueling the coils of its need to possess until the churning bloat expires of itself sated by fulfillment past the limits of use or control  or means to absorb or reject

The concordance out of which their laws will evolve is hinted at in the annals of poetic conceit
                                                                    such as

meter frames the spirit of a nation’s ambition

the dimensions and momentum of cultural decline are in ratio to the evidence of tonal debasement and thematic squalor in common talk through the building of verses

a person or people can be tied to strangeness or strangers by a phrase or anthem
that inspires a marveling within grief over nature’s insistence on dissolution before renewal


the replacement of numbers by image is a quest for glory that may be likened to
dancing forever around impassable mountains over which there drifts from valleys beyond convergences of melody whose sweetness demands a lifting of gloom and ever new steps the joys of which cement a base for calculating reasoned proof to justify believing that complexities of action out of separate pacing of the music’s whispered lead will form a unity made visible in stages by an effort to discern the meaning of a purpose always to be hidden yet intriguingly a constant source of tasks and goals that promise even to the stumbler and abuser inklings of a glory that may be likened to the ultimate replacement of numbers by image or coming out of sleep to join a multitude of dancers sharing light and warmth instilled in being and awareness as the dance conveys the dancer’s role the role that made the dance that makes the dancers seek the rightness of a purpose always to be hidden



for the children of true science


That they can levitate in tandem
That in the gravest hour of the darkest night on the waters
      their chorus can channel a beacon from the stars
That they can etch their names on a leaf and uncouple the wiliest
                                    bonds of nature
That they can step step step over the frost of eons and awaken
            the roots of comely valleys and cities of daring
That they can wave away the conceits of survival and tumble
           with light into random pools of eternal beginnings
That they can advance from measurement to systems of healing
          by ecstatic exchange of portents and rhyme
That they can taste the earth and grind the spirit of play into life
That given an untraceable stream of bursting emissions
  and incalculable vibrations they can fix and resolve
    origins of becoming to counter intrusions of dread
       and reshape the essentials of woe into data
         for the possible yet to be seeded and formulas
            for imagining unthought or dreamed of
                lacking only the presence of belief
                  to engulf the weary with knowledge
                      and contentment approaching
                              the sublime in the ease
                                    of their sharing and
                                        the wonder
                                          of their uses


for the children of true science


WE RUMMAGE                 and the world is fleshed

WE HOVER                       and the world is thickened

WE GATHER                    and the tones of the world are
                                             filtered through our speeches
                                             into roots and burs

WE ADORN                       and the binding of the world
                                             is shattered for renewal

WE DANCE                       and the liquids of the world are
                                             exposed to a trillion sources of heat

WE EMBRACE                and the house of the world’s beginning
                                            is completed again

WE SLEEP                       and unknown or barely imagined
                                            factors of desire lock into place
                                            moving the world through its rages
                                            into orbits of lightness and comfort
                                            where folly evokes only treasure
                                            and pain disassembles in the widening
                                            arc of a pointed climb that is ever more
                                            certain and free



HOMILIES for the children of true science

Armies of shadows are entering my dream
passing through a welcoming fog
          In this I am assured of a limit to errors
                           a scratching of holds on the roots of deception


I am one in a purifying total
made whole in a wholeness of complexities

In a jumble I am the mote that shines with the prospect of cause
the groove that hints toward the centering of blur


In a torrent I am the drop that harbors origins and endings
   emerging by chance and efforts to withdraw
     from knotting pools to levels of containment
       remote from yet imbued with all that was
        by fated pulse made real    to be undone


In the ever mounting drift between awareness and sleep
    I am the grind of care and trust that serves
             to make a purifying total whole


PRAYER OF FELLOWSHIP      for the children of true science

Good souls bind me to the music of my years

Your angel emblems I would harvest
                                                         for the look
                                                         the coziness
the speed of change that elevates my wanting
draws me to a reservoir as vast as hope
                                                     or nothingness
where selves by choice co-mingle and extinguish
forming openings through which I tumble
                                                      borne and bearing
                                                      worn and true
replenished by astonishment at mastering the blind descent
and plotting with exactitude the swoops and burst
                                    of rolling haze
that link the traces of myself wrung free
                                                                      and you



I will save the world!

I will sound bells
whose music will awaken
everything that lives 
to the truth of a coming day
when  earth and heaven
are tied into one--at last

I will raise up a tower
that looks down on valleys
whose blessings for young and old
have yet to be dreamed of

I will gather words that burn
like  a circle of flames
whose glow draws in and informs
creatures of the dark and raging men at arms
why its only in peace that true strength can endure

I will make a picture
of the world’s folly and evil
and paint it so real
the tears of ten generations of children
will be needed to wash it clean 
and make a new beginning
for the painting--and the world

I will lay down a wall
that crumbles and rises--
rises and crumbles
over and over
until the hands of strangers
reach across to clasp tightly
and let the wall become dust
fed into the wind

Where deadening ice
and blackened forests
and the weights of concrete now rule
I will plant gardens whose ever changing delights
of colors and aromas will soothe and heal
the biting wounds of loss and regret

I will lift eyes
from the seal of death
and make light a partner
bending to the separate grace
of each and all
in the dance of now
and forever


for the Children of True Science

Let the song retrieve the singer
Let the air be charmed as it will by the unthought
           the unfound
                                 the unmade
Let time and bodies be joined at their source
Let the windings and settlings be marked and named
Let the measure of space be the promptings of life
And visions be born with the terms of their use

Let fleers and seekers be rounded into nations
As missions of faith are awakened by touch

Let poems and scars be the crowns of reason
Let craft and will match the swiftness of grief
As stealth and joy fuel the engines of plenty

Let passion’s excess share the boundaries of truth
And wisdom’s retreat hold the answers to purpose

Let numbers and letters befuddle the wicked
As night and rain store comfort for the dying
And shadows and clouds enrapture the lost

Let age and love be sealed in flames
Let the glow rebuke the sun
Let the rays and cones be the faces of hope

Let promise and remembrance be devoured by being
And let the singer affirm the song

© Hopman
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