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It’s play alone redeeming the hour for memory’s delight—whatever the search—whoever the seeker—however the burdens compound….  Aged Father’s Refrain

For poet and poem—what source
If not the universe of course—Book of Records

In chaos lies the blessing of the seeker’s way…Prayer Before Dance

What will not transform in the heat of a thought—or a poem in the  making?.., Notes

The task is to ask when the pearly tooth and the truest truth both sag
In the cage of age…      Book of Lamentations

We are all the fire of gravity’s wheel…Poem Into Life

 Love is like a post on which a code for betterment to perfection has been tacked in the hope of future translation into practical terms and use…Love Poem

Men               address project compare review confirm inscribe                                   
enforce  believe
Women          assume
                                             Life Study

The complete man forgets his riches
The honest man makes a harvest of losses…. Sketches for Group Portrait


One Book poetry lines-2
As for love in the world—it is still restricted to sips and dribbles taken by those awaiting conditions allowing for the end of a terrible thirst…Remembrance                                           

A person or people can be tied to strangeness or strangers by a phrase or anthem that inspires a marveling within grief over nature’s insistence on dissolution before renewal…Ethnology Children of True Science

Let promise and remembrance be devoured by being
And let the singer affirm the song…Legacy

Beauty shrinks in the eye of the appraiser until the tiniest flaw
overrules the bliss of near perfection…Bubbe’s Lessons

The doors of the court of law of the universe are many times shut but never locked.. Letter from Radom

Search for the words even when words bend with the bending of time..Night Fact 1

There is weight in doubt and weight in the comfort that is married to doubt..Mystery Poem 26

Where to belong when right is wrong from sorrow to song?.., Mystery Intro

Oh there’s death in the verse when the gift and the curse lay scorn on the promise of time…Dream Within a Dream


                                                                                       One Book poetry line
Wisdom--   a door before a door before a door before a wall  standing bare…Notes 2

What cause to cite for a planet that turns sunlight into memories and moonbeams into want?.. Aged Realist’s Refrain

There is beauty that is like the mist on a grave-- so cold so old yet as near and dear as a story just told ..Rhyme Scheme

Sure are the daughters who flourish untamed
Fierce are the rulers who wonder no more
Wise are the poor who straggle and play
True are the godly awakened by tears….Eight A.M.

Astound the innocent
Make the simple so real it can never be traded for love or reward or stations of power…Instructions

Old Men near shedding their bones waddle and giggle from treasure to treasure….Mystery Poem 25

Oh it’s the stick and click of fortune’s knife
When rewards equal less than the passions of life

Bang the tables and scatter the glasses for you’re as sure to tame the wrath of the world as hang the moon on a peg by the door---Queen Deirdre


Good people avoid blindness to kindness
When catastrophes strike
In between they fish and swim and hike…  Rhyme Scheme
                                                                                                   One Book poetry lines-4
A promise kept out of fear of loss is like the kiss that signals
the death of friendship     or love….Bubbe’s Lessons

What quality is there in us that allows for the strains of the unknowable to bend the demands of the known?...Aged Scholar/Scientist’s Refrain

God in the ancient and yet to be child’s dancing grin….Poet’s Prayer

Past wonder our thoughts become life….Chant of Faith

Shift and lift and sift and still
Endings will end when they will  
And beginnings begin
In silence or din…..Definitions Theme

Whatever works works in jumps and jerks…..Accounting Theme

The hour possesses and we must take hints from the trend…
Ballad   from Ireland

Passion in youth is like a constant howl that must be chopped into words…Sketches 2

Go sell your eight warm roses love       whistling….. Peddling Song

Do you think the world was made to go on and on even after all the puzzles and prizes are gone? Rhyme Scheme

Pray and play I say
Pray and play….Mystery Poem 12

                                                                                                                 One Book poetry lines-5
Oh time time you riddle sublime
Are we ever to know your reason and rhyme?. Rhyme Scheme

The questions are endless while atoms dance dance dance
together and away    dance into chance..Mystery Poem 23

Sorrrow tomorrow           laughter thereafter
Who sings brings each    and nothing else to teach…..   Book of Ages Theme

The last lost goal
ties the soul
of the poet whole

Love is like a game whose rules strictly forbid advance or retreat except as a final maneuver…love poem

Everything built on greed arms the fools and tricks the wise…litany

© Hopman